Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Texas Tuesday {vol. 2}

Hey, y'all! Welcome to the second edition of Texas Tuesday!

Just in case any of y'all are new, I'll do a quick run down on what Texas Tuesday is, exactly!! It's a weekly link up that Amanda and I host that is open to anyone, yes, even non-Texans, but whatever you write about, it has to be Texas related. Anything Texas related. Just write your post, grab the button, and come back here to link up! 

OK, enough with the rules, let's talk Texas, y'all!!

Texas Tuesday

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It's come to my attention that we Texans have our own language. Never mind our accents, which are different depending on what area of the state you're in, we have our own way of pronouncing things, and even make up our own words. That's how awesome we are! So, I figured we'd cover a little Texas slang today. Ready?

First thing's first, most Texans never pronounce the "g" on a word that ends in "ing". It's just like it's not even there. Also, most of us pronounce the letter "i" with a loooooong sound. For instance:

"white" = "whiiiiiiiiiite"
"ice" = "iiiiiiiiiice"
"life" = "liiiiife"

The same goes for "y" sounds. I.E. "why" = "whiiiiiii"

And no, it isn't because we're dumb. We may talk slow, but that doesn't make us idiots.

Now, there are words that we pronounce differently. For example:

Coyote is pronounced kai-oat.
San Antonio is pronounced San Antone
The abbreviation for Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) is pronounced Dee-Eff-Dubbya

We also make up our own words and phrases. Like:

A pond or small lake is a tank. I've never met anyone outside of Texas that calls it that.
A livestock show (a place where animals are shown and sold) is sometimes called a "fat stock show"
We call every carbonated drink coke, no matter the brand.

There you have it, Talk Like A Texan 101! There really is a whole lot more to learn before you're really talking like a true Texan, but this is a good start!! Now go practice your long I's and your y'alls, there will be a pop quiz next week! 

Now it's your turn, link up and show us your Texas side!!


Apples AndGlue said...

Lol, I really hope I don't talk like that! Someone slap me if I start to...

Amanda Faith said...

Bahaha! I love this! Dee eff dubbya! My maiden name was Wooldridge and everyone called me dubbya so thats what was on my license plate of my first car. Oh and definitely loving the tank one, so true!

English Anderson said...

Argh, the dreaded coke generality. I lived in Kentucky for ten years [where no one even remotely sounds like a Texan, but they do say coke] and had that habit down perfect. When I moved to Minnesota, I went to my first restaurant and asked for a coke. I mean, they're supposed to ask what kind, right? No. They brought me a coke. I dropped that pretty quickly and just use soda now. I feel like I should do a Minnesota Monday and describe how people talk up there. It's so completely different than how you guys say stuff.

Mason's Mama said...

This is awesome and oh so true! Oh how I love it. :)

Meghan said...

It cracks me up when I meet Texans and every carbonated drink is coke:)

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh I just love the link up and all you ladies xoxooxox

Emily said...

Whaaaaaaa I linked up! = )

and that is me pronouncing "what" differently

Sarah Beacom said...

This was great! I'm still working on earning my "Texan Wings", and it looks like I still have so much to learn! It doesn't help that I've been living in Dallas, so I don't get to hear the true Texan talk like y'all have! I do get funny looks when I head back to California saying "y'all", though!

Dani said...

Best link up ever!! Ha ha I love your Texas talk lesson. And yes every carbonated drink is a Coke...LOL I am so happy that I found this! You have a new follower for sure!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Lol! I call eeeeeverything that's carbonated coke!!!!

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