Monday, August 27, 2012

What's In Your Fridge?

Hello my darlings! How was your weekend? Mine was nothing short of eventful, but that's another story for a different day! Today I've got a wonderful blogger guest posting for me. I've followed Abby from Dirt on the Rocks for as long as I can remember. She's funny, witty, and absolutely adorable. And today she's here, guest posting on my blog, and she's talking about something I have a hard time with every time I go to the grocery store, how to organize all that food in the fridge. Cause lawd knows I need a much better system than my current one of "just cram everything in there!" Here's to getting organized, y'all! 

If you are anything like me then that means you love to grocery shop, and at times you might go a bit overboard.. After a long day at work I love coming home to a stuffed fridge and cooking dinner - it helps me unwind and I really enjoy doing it.
Hi, my name is Abby and usually you can find me at and, but today J is giving me the opportunity to guest post here!
I wanted to share with you the dilemma I have had for years - my fridge. When I lived at home our fridge was always full of food, but my mom hated buying a lot of groceries because she always felt like they would go bad quickly.
Around my late teen years, I started cooking myself and I think that’s when my addiction to cooking and shopping started. Every time I go to the grocery store, I would get super excited about buying things for future “ideal” meals. This lead to buying more than we could eat in a week and eventually the food went bad and money wasted. No one likes to hear those words together.
When I moved in with my boyfriend, we bought a fridge. The fridge is your typical apartment fridge - it’s not that big. Our family of three often means a lot of groceries, so this can be a bit stressful! After getting home from the grocery store, we have packed bags just waiting to be put away - but where? Our main problems are our tiny fridge and lack of organization. It gets overwhelming, so we tend to just shove the groceries wherever there is space.
This is obviously a big no no because some food gets shoved to the back of the fridge and is often forgotten. Because of this, there would be moldy food that needed to be trashed and let’s not forget that mixing rotten food with fresh food is also very unhealthy. This can lead to food poisoning and no one wants to experience that!
Our refrigerator is the normal white fridge with two bins at the bottom with two racks in the middle. It has storage on the door, but it’s not a lot. The best solution I’ve found for our small fridge is organizing each rack and using bins for extra storage. There are clear, inexpensive ones that are perfect for this.
Another way of staying organized is categorizing food. I like to use the food group pyramid as a guide to organize my food.Obviously, keep the frozen goods in the freezer - that meat probably won’t do well in the refrigerator unless you plan to cook it the same day. You can also try adding labels to the bins you buy or you can simply add them directly to your racks and refrigerator.
The more you find ways to keep yourself organized, the better it will be in the long run. You’ll always find what you’re looking for and you won’t waste another cent on forgotten food!

Abby is 23 and a single mother living in Southern California trying to make ends meet. She is a freelance blogger whose clients include, an apartment-finding service for locating   downtown Fort Worth apartments. Abby loves spending time with her son and is constantly learning new things about him as each day passes by. In her blog, Dirt on the Rocks, Abby writes about food and life. Like many single moms, Abby finds that her life experiences are both daunting and inspiring, and her blog reflects these experiences.


Lissy said...

Great post! I very often forget of all the stuff that is shoved to the back and by the time I remember it is no longer usable. The fridge is one are I need work on.

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