Monday, September 10, 2012

Raising M: Jama Jamas Days

Some days are best spent in pajamas. Or, "jama jamas", as M calls them. And we did just that on Saturday. And it was marvelous. 

Our schedules have been so hectic lately, running here and there, dealing with family emergencies, working like crazy, we're all just exhausted. So Saturday was just what we needed. M and I snuggled on the couch and watched movies all day. 

I love this age that she's at. Yes, sometimes she does get a case of the terrible twos where I feel like she's pushing back at me entirely for her entertainment, but for the most part, two is fun. Her imagination is so vivid, and she can spend hours playing mommy to her babies, or coloring wildly creative pictures, or making music like a rockstar. I love it. Then some days, like Saturday, she just wants to cuddle up with me and watch her favorite movies. And those times? Those times are my favorite. They make my heart swell with love. 

I love to watch her face as she watches the tv. Her expressions are so animated and lively. It's like her emotions are in overdrive and she's experiencing the movie right along with the characters. Does that make any sense?

I know that a lot of parents feel that two year olds shouldn't be watching tv, which I partly agree with. I mean, obviously using the tv as a babysitter isn't a wise decision, but sometimes you just need a movie day. A day spent in your pjs, filled with pillows, and blankets, and popcorn, and cuddling. Yes, sometimes you just need those days. 

But today, it's back to the grind. Back at work for me, and back at daycare for M. We'll rush through the week and barely have time to breathe. But Saturday will come around again, and we may just have another jama jamas day. I'm already looking forward to it.

I hope you all had weekends as sensational as ours.


Kenj said...

I think every once in a while it is perfectly okay to have a jama jamas day! I had that on Snday, mixed with drinking and eating football food..and that's totally okay. I love the two's. It is crazy but I think it's when kids start becomming them and that is an awesome transformation

Mason's Mama said...

I love this post! Mason calls them Ja-Jamas!! I love it and I’m holding on to that last little bit of baby talk for as long as I can!!
A day of relaxation and movies sounds so great! I’m so happy you two had such a great day.

LWLH said...

That sounds like the perfect day, especially since it was spent with your little girl.

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