Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Years

Dear Darling,

Today you turn three.

This is so exciting, yet so very, very sad for me. You're no longer my teeny baby. You don't fit in my arms anymore, and you've grown into this independent girl who doesn't need my help for very many things. You're growing so fast, and you're so incredibly smart. You're kind, you're polite, and you're insanely funny.

I love it when you randomly break into song, and I love even more that you're constantly dancing. You love music so much. You love your animals, and reading, and making art, and cuddling your babies. You can use an iPhone better than most adults, and your fearlessness amazes (and frightens) me.

Before long there will be no trace of my baby left. You're getting taller and turning into such a big girl. You've always been beautiful, but you get more beautiful with each passing day. And it's not just your physical beauty that grows, but your inner beauty as well. You have the kindest, sweetest heart I've ever seen. Want to know a secret? I strive to be like you every day. I strive to see the good in everyone as you do. You are my inspiration m'dear.

But baby, please don't grow up too fast. Please let me cherish these days with you and soak up every little drop. When I ask for a hug, please squeeze me tight and don't push away too quickly. Please keep cuddling in my lap when you need a little love. Please keep needing me a little bit longer. Let me hold on a bit longer. Because soon, you will be turning 16, then going off to college, then getting married and welcoming a baby of your own. And I will look back on these days with a whole lot of love, but a bit of sadness as well. I'll remember walking hand in hand with you. I'll remember you asking to sit my lap. I'll remember you asking "Why" a million times an hour. And I'll miss it so very much. And even though I'll love seeing you all grown up, I'll want to be able to come back to these times.

Today I'm remembering my day three years ago. I'm remembering holding you for the first time and being completely amazed by you. I'm remembering being so overcome with love that I couldn't breathe. And even though I love seeing you at three, I'm wanting to be able to go back to that day. Just so I can relive every single minute with you.

I love you, my darling, more than life itself. You are my everything, and Daddy and I are so very, very blessed to have you in our lives. I hope you will remember that forever and always.

Je t'aime beaucoup ma petit chérie.




katrinaotto said...

Happy Birthday M!
But now I'm super sad and want to go squeeze my baby!

Amber said...

Oh this is so sweet, made me wanna cry! I love that you say you strive to be like her. Adorable!

happy birthday baby girl!

tara said...

happy birthday to your baby girl! :)

Mason's Mama said...

Aww! SO sweet. I am in tears reading this. My Mason will be 3 in May and I can relate. And I didn’t realize how much alike our kids were until reading this! Happy Birthday to your sweet baby but yet big girl!!!

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