Monday, May 13, 2013

Lucky, the Not So Lucky Elephant


This is Lucky. I first saw her four years ago when B and I took a trip to the San Antonio Zoo. She was the zoo's only elephant, and her enclosure was far from nice. After seeing her, and the conditions she was in, I got really upset about it, and we left the zoo. I chalked it up to newly pregnant hormones, but the more time wore on, the more upset I was about it. So, I sat out to do some research. I found out that Lucky had recently lost her companion, but the zoo was in the works of getting a new companion for Lucky, and were supposedly working on upgrades to her enclosure. Like I said, this was 4 years ago. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I hate to admit it, but Lucky hadn't really been on my mind since M was born. And then I received an email about a petition going around. A petition for Lucky. After reading it, and reading more on the One World Conservation website, I learned that not only had Lucky's enclosure never been remodeled, they had finally brought in a companion, but she died back in March. The San Antonio Zoo was filing for permission to leave Lucky all alone. 

Lucky is 53 years old, and was captured in Thailand when she was only 6 months old. She was shipped to Illinois, and eventually brought to the San Antonio Zoo when she was 2 years old. She has witnessed at least 5 of her companions die since her arrival at the zoo over 50 years ago. Her companion Alport died in 2007, and Lucky was left alone for 2 1/2 years. Elephants are highly social creatures, and need companionship. The San Antonio Zoo is doing her a huge injustice if they keep her alone. 

I know that there are far worse problems in the world, but this is something that we can easily help out with. I am asking you, my wonderful readers, to please help Lucky. Bring your voice to her campaign, and help her get a better life. You can help by emailing the president of the AZA, and the heads of the Accreditation Commission and the Elephant Taxon Advisory Group/Species Survival Plan, and tell them that Lucky cannot remain alone again. Ask that the AZA intervene on Lucky’s behalf and deny the variance requested by the San Antonio Zoo. Or you can simply sign the petition and share with your friends. It's that simple. One signature can help out in the biggest way. 

To read more about Lucky, and to sign the petition and find contact information for the AZA, please check out Lucky's page on One World Conservation's website. I'm begging all of you to help get Lucky in a better place, she deserves so much more. 


kourtney said...

This is so sad! One of the reasons I can't really visit zoos is because I'm concerned about the animals well being. Elephants need friends, they don't like to be alone. If she has witnessed 5 other companions die, they need to be checking into that! :( I'm a hardcore animal lover, so I fret over these things a lot. I'll definitely look into helping Lucky!! Thanks for bringing attention to her!

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