Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days: Day 1

So, I don't write here in this little space for 6+ months, and then I come back proclaiming I'm going to write every day for a month? I know, hard to believe, but I'm an all or nothing type of girl. I've always wanted to attempt The Nester's 31 Days of writing series (did I try it before? I can't remember.), but let's be honest, I suck as a blogger. But, I'm trying it this year.

I don't know if you heard on Instagram, but I'm expecting a baby boy in January. Yup, me, the "one and done" mom changed her mind about having one and being done. Anyway, I've been insanely restless lately. I've always been a bit of a nomad, but when you add a new baby on the way into the equation, I get antsy and start the whole, "I hate this house/town/state/everything, let's sell all of our belongings and move somewhere!" bit. This time I'm hankering for somewhere cooler. Somewhere that actually has seasons. You know, instead of what we have here in Texas. Hot, hotter, hottest, and slightly breezy. Unfortunately, selling everything and moving somewhere new isn't exactly realistic. Which brings me to my topic for the month.

I'm going to spend the next 31 days learning to love where I am. My home, my tiny town, my big ol' state, my life in general. I've formed a bad habit of being a big grump about everything, and I think an overhaul is exactly what I need. Basically I'm going to be looking for the bright side of being where I am currently, and learning to love it. The Lord has me right where I need to be, and I shouldn't be a complaining about it. I'll be spending time getting the house ready for the baby, cleaning like crazy (I may have been neglecting my housewife duties. Oops), and falling in love with our home again. (There may be painting. Who knows.) We'll be exploring our town and hitting up destinations around us that we haven't visited before. (And a few that have become our favorites!) I'll also be working a bit of our homeschooling in here. This is our first "official" year of homeschooling, and since I've been in this funk, I haven't given it my all. I'm not loving it, and I definitely should be. After all, it is part of where I am in life. So, I hope you'll come along with me on this journey. If you're not loving where you are, we can learn to do it together. If you already know how and are currently head over heels with where you are in life, please feel free to give me some tips!

See you tomorrow!


Lani Derrick said...

I think we so often forget that we need to embrace the here and now, where we are today! Look forward to reading more!.

Tami said...

I could learn a lesson or two here! I'm looking forward to following along during the 31 days.

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