Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Loving Where I Am: Day Four

After spending the week working around the house, we decided to shake things up yesterday. Our local dairy has a pumpkin patch every October, so we decided to head out and pick some up. And boy, did we pick some up. I think we ended up coming home with over 15 pumpkins and gourds. What can I say, we're pumpkin people.

I feel like that advice could somehow translate to how we treat other people. Maybe. I dunno.

We took a hayride, feed a ton of greedy animals, bottle fed three of the sweetest calves ever, and milked a very tolerant mama cow. M found a stray egg hidden among the pumpkins, and spotted a coral snake hanging out in the garden. After filling our bellies with ice cream, and filling our trunk with pumpkins, we'd had a really good day.

This is M's stash. Once we got home it all went into her room. Pumpkin hoarder.

We were out there most of the day, came home dusty and sunburnt, but we also came home happy and relaxed. I loved watching M run free and squeal over hand feeding the animals. We weren't rushing like we normally are. There was only one other family there for the tours, so it was really laid back. It was such a great day. We've been to the dairy a few times before, but since I went this time with a different perspective, it was almost like visiting for the first time. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Lesson learned for the day: different mindsets can change anything. Also, stems are the best part of the pumpkin. And curly cues make them 10 times better.
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