Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of Loving Where I Am: Day Three

I have to admit, the third day of my 31 day challenge wasn't very fun. M had dance in the afternoon, so I knew that whatever I planned on doing needed to be done in the morning. I decided to sort through old clothes. Yes, I'm serious. 

I pulled every piece of clothing out of M's closet and dresser (including shoes!), and we had a fashion show. You've gotta keep things fun when you're having your 4 year old try on everything she owns! When we were finished, she had a small pile of things that still fit, a small pile of things that I planned on saving (adorable vintage corduroy jumper embroidered with a Little Red Riding Hood hiking through the woods on the bottom? Yeah, I'm hanging on to that and hoping for another baby girl next time around!), and a HUGE pile of things that's didn't fit. Needless to say, we now need to go shopping. 

After heaving a huge sigh of relief, I was faced with what in the world to do with the messy pile of clothing that sat in front of me. We don't have a donation place anywhere close, so I decided to post them on our IG selling and buying account. Do you shop on IG? Sounds weird, I know, but I swear you'll love it!! Anyway, I pulled out about a third of the clothing and posted it for sale. And guess what? I sold nearly all of it. I've never been more happy about used clothing! The rest of the pile I tucked away in a tote in our guest bedroom closet. I plan on having another sale sometime next week to clear out what's left. 

So, I've now got a little money in my paypal account, M's closet is bare nice and neat and waiting on new fall and winter clothing, and I can say I accomplished something, even though it was only a small dent in getting the house organized. At least it's something, right? Unfortunately I don't have any photos of my work, since pregnancy brain kicked in and I didn't think about taking photos until after I'd dropped the packages off at the post office. 

Lesson learned for the day: even the smallest efforts count. Her overflowing closet really was bothering me, and after I was finished, it felt great. Now maybe I should tackle my closet...


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