Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's A Struggle

Y'all, I desperately want to blog again. I keep my little corner of the internet up and running, because I keep thinking that I'll make a comeback. I think I'll heave that writer's block up out of the way, and it'll all come flooding back. But it doesn't. Instead I find myself saying I'll blog tomorrow. Or next week. Next month, next year, when my kiddos are off to college.

The truth is, I miss blogging so much. But the blogging world isn't what it was when I first started. Isn't that just like life? You find something you love, and eventually it changes so much, you don't even recognize it anymore. And you find that you can't keep going, yet can't let it go. I can't let my little space go. So every few weeks, I think I'll blow the dust off this old place, and breathe life back into my old blog. And I sit down at my computer, crack my neck, stretch my fingers, and then promptly get sucked into Pinterest for hours at a time. The internet killed productivity, y'all.

But, there is just so much going on in our lives. Mylee is starting school this year. Like, actual, real live school. Our homeschooling journey is over just as quickly as it started. And while I am so immensely excited for all she's about to experience, I'm equally heartbroken. Our time together has come to and end. I have to let her go out and experience the world without me right by her side. She will be just fine, I know. She's strong and resilient, and can handle anything that comes her way. Mama, on the other hand, is seriously doubting herself. I'm cramming as many snuggles and special moments as I can into the next two weeks.

I hope that I can once again find the passion that I had for writing. I miss spilling my thoughts onto this pretty little page. Please bare with me as I attempt to make my comeback. And I apologize in advance for any tear filled posts that will be accompanying the new school year.

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